Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sunday Scribblings - Morning


The weasel scurrys along side of the hedge, keeping close to it, then makes a quick left turn and disappears into it. A fox emerges over the ridge of the hill, a still warm partridge in its jaw, food for the vixen sleeping with the cubs in the lair, hidden in the bushes at the bottom of the hill. In the sky above, a solitary twany owl returns to the wood, silent now, its night's hunting is done. Then all is silence, for one single moment all is quiet and calm, the Earth holds its breath.

Suddenly within the dense branches of the old oak tree, a blackbird stirs, ruffles its feathers and raises his head listening and watching. Without further ado its beak opens and the first notes of the dawn chorus are trilled out. Another blackbird answers, then one by one all the other birds join in, even the tiny nestlings in the nest under the eaves, chirrup and squeak. At the end of the garden Rufus, the rooster picks his way out of his highrise hen house and struts down the ramp. He stands on top of an upside down bucket and faces the place where the sun will rise. A thin streak of rosy pink starts to infuse the dark blue sky and Rufus gives a preliminary 'cock-a-doodle-do', preparing his homage to the sun that is about to rise. The pink starts to become golden, spreading and staining the dawn sky. The rooks begin their cawing at each other in the rookery, plans of what is afoot today, food to find, predators to repel.

The sun's tip edges over the horizon, its light beginning to wash over the land. The hens in the henhouse begin the squarking and cackling that preceeds the laying of eggs, sheep begin their baaing and the cows low in the fields, awaiting their walk to the sheds for milking. There is sweet dew on the grass, the sun is already enticing the flower buds to open towards it, one tired cat, after a night time of adventures miaows on the backdoor step and upstairs in the bedroom Miss Daisy, is awoken from her deep moonkissed sleep by the cheeping of baby birds. She stretches, sees the promise of a fine day from her casement window, puts her bare feet on the cool wooden floor and embraces the new morning.


I felt today, after all the story writing last week, that all I wanted to do was write of what I see as an ideal spring or summer morning, and I have indulged in a few just like the above. Don't forget you can still visit the Daisy Lupin Halloween Story Circle until the end of November by following this link:

The photograph above is of another of my 6x6inch Daisy Lupin Friendship Pieces, that is winging its way across the pond to the receiptant. I love Georgia O'Keeffe's work, and have made this quiltie in homage to her. The person it is going to loves flowers, so I was inspired to take one of Georgia's paintings of a lily and do my own take on it with material and embroidery. So apologies to Georgia O'Keeffe fans, though I am pleased with it and really enjoyed working on it. Sorry about the scan quality, its the moire effect of the background taffeta that is difficult to get as it reflects the light.

I have just spent a blissful day, after following my usual Sunday routine, that I have spoken of before, I disappeared into my artroom where I
caught up with a couple of projects that I need to get in the post tomorrow. I got started on some collage, decorated postcards that I am making for a swap am I in with Carole in Germany. These were such fun to do, especially as they are for Christmas. I made a few ATCs, I like to have a few spare and I made my mother a collaged birthday card to take to her tomorrow. She loves butterflies, so I am sure she will appreciate this. I have also discovered that my artroom is the warmest room in the house hee hee. It is warmed from our main living room below it and a lot of the central heating pipes run up from that room, then underneath the floor boards of the artroom and into the upstairs corridor. By the time I get my incense lit and am sitting in the cosy warmth, I find it makes a lovely ambience for creating. All I need is to get some music in there, I might take the portable cd player in there and it will truly be a real cozy nest.

This is the card for my mother it is called The Butterfly Woman feeds her children. Another slightly odd fantasy design of mine. I then did this birthday ATC, shown below, for someone, It really amuses me, don't ask me why! I know I have a strange sense of humour at times. This is called Dick's best present ever. I think the two birds coupled with the demonic look in the boy's eyes [if you enlarge it and look closely] are what keep me giggling. Never mind if you don't think it funny, its probably just a Daisy thing!

I feel as though everyone in blogland has been calming down again after Halloween, which I think exhausted most of us. There is not a lot of action going on right now. I must admit I have been very quiet myself, the latter half of this week, but I will be going round the sites tonight and tomorrow catching up. It's full steam ahead for Christmas now.

Our weather has taken a cold snap, so I was busy early yesterday morning making a big soup pan full of my leek, onion and potato soup. I let it stand and thicken overnight and it is just right for eating today, with some warm garlic bread and a sprinkling of cheese on top if wished. Lovely winter soups, I love them, later in the week I will be making chicken and root vegetable. I love to have a soup pan of soup to dip into in the winter months, nothing beats it coming in out of the cold and heating up and ladling out a bowl of delicious homemade soup. Another winter lunch time treat is a slice of delicious bread toasted with cheese grilled on top. What are your favourite winter treats? Any you want to share?

Have some fun
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Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

The quiltie is lovely as is the image one gets when reading your Sunday Scribbling. The card and atc art are fantastic as well. It sounds as though you've had a such a cozy and peaceful time in your art room. I know the feeling of the joyous moments of calm as you create and suddenly hours go by. Ah soups, although not a cook normally I do like to make a thick pot of soup come winter...crunchy bread and perhaps a glass of wine and it's the perfect meal.
I hope things are going well with your mom!

lila said...

Daisy, I always love seeing what comes out of your art room!!!!
The butterfly woman feeding her children is lovely!
Our farmer's market had an abundance of turnips yesterday, so I purchased I need a good "root vegetable" recipe...I was planning to mash them with potatoes....
I also photographed some of the wonderful pumpkins and squash which should be a good reference when I want to paint interesting watercolors later!

PEA said...

I find when I can just sit and do my favourite pastimes, it takes the stress right out of me! I'm glad you were able to spend some time in your craft room today...just LOVE the quiltie and the collage birthday card for your mom! On cold winter days, my favourite dish is chili or a beef stew! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I love the Butterfly woman feeds her children.
Do you do these and sell them?
If so, let me know. I am interested in one for my sisterinlaw.

Terri /Tinker said...

I really enjoyed the bucolic morning reverie. I felt almost as though I was there!

The O'Keefe flower patch is lovely - and I LOVE the birthday ATC - "Dick's Best Present Ever" - it just tickled my fancy with all of it's whimsy!

Soup with grilled cheese is my favorite in cold weather - along with hot chocolate or warm apple cider. Oh, speaking of apples - a piece of warm apple pie with a slice of cheddar melted on top - yum!

Now I'm hungry *_*

Terri /Tinker said...

Oh - forgot to mention the Butterfly Mother Feeding Her Children - That was especially lovely (and I love the title!)

Anonymous said...

Early morning..the best part of the day, and you captured it wonderfully. I hope your Mum is on the mend..? She will love her butterfly birthday card.
Soup sounds like a good idea now it's colder, it's on the menu in our house for supper tonight too.

tlc illustration said...

Yup, between your post and the comments, I'm all hungry now too.

My fav in the winter is also soup - beef and barley is high on the list of chilly-weather favorites. I also make lots of potato-onion (leeks sounds like a good addition), and have many permutations of chicken and vegetable - with lots of spices!

Anonymous said...

I love your morning scribble - what a fun thing to read. I felt like I was there with you.
the 6 X 6 is wonderful too, but that is to be expected - your work is always great!
enjoy that winter soup - I too, love soups bubbling away on my stove during winter. There is nothing better xo

Beth said...

I love the quiltie,,so pretty! I love flowers,,could it be mine? lol. I loved the story and the the card for you mom and the ATC,,it was funny.
You were quite the creative one this past week!

Lisa said...

I enjoyed this post very much. The morning scenario was really nice and I love your quiltie and collages (atcs and birthday card). I enjoy your sense of humor and the way you understand that others may not see things the same way. lol

Rowan said...

I really enjoyed reading your Sunday scribble and the soups sound delicious. My favourite thing for a cold winter day is a beef casserole full of vegetables and topped with cheese dumplings.

Pretty Lady said...

I love very much your art for your mom's birthday, How is she doing? I do love butterflies, too. My favorite winter treats are soups, too, and candles. I also like to have my houseplants around me, I think seeing green inside the house is a treat, too.

Janet said...

I always come away from your blog with a warm, fuzzy feeling! You have such a way with words, and also with pictures. I love the butterfly card for your mom.

And I could almost taste your soup. I too like soup on a cold day but we're still in the 70's!

Rosa said...

Daisy, I just love visiting you. That potato leek soup sound deslicious! I love soups in the winter. Anything that can be cooked in one pot is good in my eyes! Your artwork is just beautiful. I hear you, I've been slowing down into winter mode here too. Today was warm but now it's beginning to rain a little and turn cooler. I am trying to catch up on my ATCs too. I didn't have any in reserve, so I'm all caught up now. Guess I better do some trading!! xoxo

Maryellen said...

Hi Daisy, sent you a birthday card. Hope you get it in time for your b'day. I always love the art you post.

Pam Aries said...

Your applique is lovely! I used to sew So much..I have not sewn up anything in quite a few years! HOWever.. .I have made soup! It is me specialty! Ah yes! even though 'tis STILL WARM HERE IN NOVEMBER! I make a special Winter Wellness Soup.

Linda A said...

This was absolutely beautiful - you paint a picture into which we can all walk. Its like you put your heart into words. And I love the idea of a butterfly woman to feed her children.

Winters in Maine always found a huge pot of chicken soup with loads of vegetables from the summer's garden.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Love the short story! I think you should keep the Halloween circle up, and keep encouraging spooky stories. There's always a demand for such a thing!

MariaJ said...

Your butterflywomen couldnt be any better. Love it, love it... I'm sure your mother will be soooo happy to get it.
Haa...your artroom sounds like a warm nest...nice to see soon what you have created there (I'm in that swap too, I made the Christmas cards but bought the ornaments for the second swap)

Anonymous said...

Hello neighbour!
I came across your blog via patsy's blog!
Will have a good read later, but how nice to know we are not too far away here in North Yorkshire. We are just outside Whitby, am sure you will know the area.


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