Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I am still pondering about Time, and I did find all your comments very interesting, it seems that most of us are feeling this quickening of time.

I have no clock in our bedroom, I will admit that I keep a mobile phone on my bedside table, but no clock. In Winter, the earliest I get up is 7.45 and I have found that my body has taught itself to wake at that time, if I check my mobile it is always the correct time. Even on Sundays when I have a lie in I automatically wake at that time, then turn over and go to sleep again. In Summer, I seem to naturally wake at 7.00. I am lucky that on most days I can go with the times my body wants to wake up. On the other hand, my husband wakes with the light, so his body has a routine that makes him wake earlier and earlier as the year progresses and dawn comes earlier.

I also notice in the Summer if I am out in the garden for a full day, with no time to be seen [I never wear a watch, they drive me mad] I follow the passage of the sun and can always tell you what time it is usually to within the half hour, that always seems to be the correct and natural usage of time.

If I go through a day saying things like well I can do this until such a time then I must do that and if I start preparing the dinner at ........ I always end up feeling harassed and frazzled, but if I just float through the day doing things without regarding time I am always amazed at the end of the day how much I have got done. I definitely think we all need to try to organise some sort of Time Out day, maybe once or twice a month, where we have no schedules but approach the day more as we did as children, you know, a long glowing curve of time in front of us to be filled before it was time for bed again. Just take a moment now to think, can you remember what it was like as a child to wake up in bed in the morning and have that whole day stretching out in front of you? No real plans just letting the day happen. Let's give it a go!

With my thinking on time I have also been thinking about the effects of moon on people. I always say, what phase of the moon were you born under, was it waxing or waning, full, quarter or what? Do you know if you google it you can get a site which will work it out for you. Try it you learn something about yourself. For example, I was born under an almost full moon, and relish the full moon, I have mentioned many times how I love to sleep with the moonlight on my pillow. It is the dark day before the waning moon starts to wax again that I don't like.

I know some people feel lost at times when the moon affects them badly. My theory is this, you might not agree but here goes. Personally, at full moon I am at my peak of creativity, the ideas just fly out of me, I feel I could create anything, I am a happy person, and feel centred, this feeling wanes as does the moon, luckily for me, not drastically, but quite gently, though I know there are people who feel it very badly and end up feeling lost and searching. What I say is that they are not lost and searching, this is how their body tells their mind to slow down, the mind does need a dormant period to revitalise itself. If you can work at what phase of the moon affects you badly, note it down so you know when it is going to happen every month, and be ready for it. Do not push yourself on these days, do not begin big projects, do not dig deep into your inner self, instead cossett your self, give yourself little treats, if possible try to take a few small naps, gently read, take a luxury bath, nuture yourself, until the time passes and you are on the up side again. Do your mindless tasks around the house, at this time, making more free time for when your creativity flows. Try it and see if it works for you.

Thefirst doll photograph above is the doll I made for Gemma, called Healer from the Desert it was a practice we did for the Spirit Art Doll swap we are participating in. You can read more about the doll on Gemma's blog. The next photograph down is a little pixie, Lupin Lad, a felt piece I made for a swap with Artsy Mama. I liked the idea of the cheeky face peeping around the fly agaric mushroom. I also thought he was a good prototype for the Lupin Lad's I want to make this year to go with the
Daisy Fae's.

Sunday, February 25, 2007


When I was younger older people would always be saying things such as 'Doesn't time fly?' I never thought it did then, time was just something that was around, I now think that my life was so blissfully unstructred by time tables that time didn't fly. Now say, thirty to forty years on, I think time is 'flying' but the worrying thing is that it is not just older people saying this, I hear people all over saying this, I see people on writing in their blogs, 'where has this week gone to?' and even my daughter in her early twenties thinks time flashes by. I bet there is not one of you out there who will not agree that Christmas seems months and months ago.

I am seriously begining to wonder what is wrong with time. Has it really speeded up? Are we so focused on the future and things that are to come that we have lost the capacity to enjoy and relish the present moment? I know we can't ignore time, most of us have places to be and to be doing something at certain times. It is our societies that have speeded up time, and we have no option, if we don't want to be homeless and penniless but to go along with this crazy speeding up. No wonder, there is so much stress and unhappiness.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to ignore time for a day or two, it's an experiment I want to try some time soon. Yes, I know we will have a rough idea because of day and night, but I sometimes think if that was what our bodies could tune into time would slow down. The faster we try to cram more and more into our days the faster time goes. Even with things like meditation, we tend to slot it into the schedule, twenty minutes here, ten minutes there.

I am working on ideas of how to slow down time, at least for a little part of my life. I am thinking of some ideas that might help us achieve that. If any of you have any ideas, leave a comment, I am going to make a sidebar badge, and when I post it any of you can take it and put it on your sidebars if you wish to join with me and try to slow down time.

Friday, was a wonderful day, I had just settled down with a cup of coffee when the mail lady knocked. A box was there for me all the way from Gemma in Arizona, containing two healing spirit dolls. One was for the Hello Dolly Swap we are both involved in and the other was for a private swap we did as a practice for Hello Dolly.

First out of the box was the Green Man, this was the personal swap that Gemma and I did. [his photograph heads up this posting], the photopraph of the back of him and his words of wisdom are below. I was so pleased with the Green Man, a particular favourite of mine, I have a roundel of him that protects my garden. Also included was this wonderful Native American poem about the Green Man as tree, and I am sure you will agree that the sentiments in this poem are so pertinent to what I was talking about above and the world today.

The writing on the back of the Green Man doll says TO THEE AND TREE FOR NEW GROWTH AND HONORING ROOTS.

The Sprit Healing doll is a Zuni Kachina, and it wears a Zuni mask and has Zuni fetishes, of hare, yellow bird and turquoise leaf, and corn and shells used in rituals tied around the waist. I was thrilled to see Hare as one of the fetishes, as it is an animal that means a lot to me. Again there is a very sage poem to go with this Kachina which I have reproduced below. Both of these dolls have the most wonderful musky smoky fragrance eminating from them and the first evening I put them on my bedside table and went to sleep with this wonderful smell wafting by me and around me. I am perfectly serious when I say that I had the best night's sleep for weeks that night and I put that down to the dolls by the bedside and their healing powers.

A couple of weeks ago I received a Wise Woman doll from Robyn, and with all my computer problems etc, I am very much afraid that I never really got to talk about this doll or post a photograph of it. Well, I am making up for that now. I call this doll Meg, after a poem I vaguely remember at school about a gypsy called Meg Merilees. She sits on my artroom table and sends me out good vibes whilst I am creating. She also has much healing within her and she keeps my workroom calm. She has a very serene face but at times she also reminds me of myself with the woven bag she carries containing two healing semi-precious stones and a stick wand.

I now have three beautiful spirit dolls to soothe me when I work and to soothe me when I sleep. It is lovely to see my collection of art dolls growing like this. Thank you so much Robyn and Gemma, your dolls have touched my spirit.

I have had a lovely weekend, jotting down some creative ideas and although I don't really watch much television there is a programme I love, I don't know if anyone knows it, it is called 'Rosemary and Thyme' and is about two women who run a gardening business but also go around solving murders. A body always turns up in the shrubbery sooner or later. Well one channel had a weekend dedicated to this programme, so I had fun dipping in and out of different episodes, sunshine, beautiful gardens and a little sleuthing on the side what better way to spend a rainy weekend?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


After my last posting, I found these two photographs, of my Grandfather's garden, the garden that is my favourite of past house gardens. There's my grandfather, relaxing in front of his greenhouse, which looks to be full of tomato plants and in the other photograph there I am toddling up another gravel path. It looks as though I am pulling off a flower head, naughty me! I just wanted to show you them so as you could get an idea of how it was a typical post First World War English garden even into the early 1960's.

I feel as if I have lost the month of January, and some of February. Ideas and projects for the new year, got cast aside in the double whammy of completely sorting out my Mother's belongings and life and the great hard drive crash. I actually feel as though my year started at the beginning of this week and am now in the process of taking stock of what I achieved last year and building on it this year.

I have my swap projects under control again, and am going back to my Daisy Lupin Designs. These Daisy Lupin designs, will be in the site I created to run along side my blog, and has been under construction for the past three or four months. Bascially I will be putting up for sale on there items I create, including Daisy Fae dolls and Podlings, all protected by copyright, especially the Podlings, [I have noticed similar things starting to be seen around blogland], only true Podlings come with the Podling certificate and story though. I am also making Mark II podlings. It is so lovely to be creating again. I think it will be easier to sell through this site than Ebay and etsy and I can set up paypal for payments, apparently.

I am also trying to set up a visual display site for the work of people who I am in a group with. You would not believe how difficult it is to write down terms and conditions clearly and simply so they do not sound ambiguous and everyone can understand exactly how the things will run, without bombarding me with emails. I am trying to make sure I cover all aspects of this project, and it is quite complicated and taking me quite a while, to set it up.

I am also dithering about setting up a sort of, how can I explain this, Daisy Lupin exploration course, through email. Basically, this is very early work in progress, but for a small sum people could be sent by email instructions for finding out more about themselves through doing given exercises, a mixture of writing, games, drawing etc. I know it sounds slightly boring but no, it would be typically Daisy Lupin, flight of fancy, quirkiness and musing. This is probably important for me as I love exploring my mind and creativity in many ways that I think others would enjoy.

Those three projects listed above are what I have written in my journal as achievable this year. Wish me luck.

I came across these photographs of the nearest town to me, actually it is a city as it has a small cathedral, it is also where I was born. The first photograph shows the fine neo-gothic Victorian Railway station, at one time a very important station in the railway network. Trains going to all points, north, south, east and west. That is what you would walk out of if you came by train. You would then walk up a slight incline, past the hotel next to the station and face this edifice.

Actually there are two of them, one on either side of the road. These were where the southern gates to the city stood at one time, the city walls were either side of them. These are not the original structures. There had been a gate in the city walls from medieval times, this was replaced in the sixteenth century by a fortress, thought needed to protect the city, this was around the time of Henry VIII and his dissolution of the monastries. This fortress, in turn was demolished and in 1810 these two ovals towers were built, at the bottom of one of the towers there is still some of the stonework of the previous fortress. These two citadels were known as the courts and until a few years ago the one on the left was the criminal court and the one on the right was the civil court. Many years ago the jail was also further along from the citadel tower on the left hand side.

In front of the right side tower is The Crescent [you can just see it in the top right hand corner of this photograph] what must have been a wonderful sweep, once of large houses, now they are shops at the bottom and flats above. It must have been my town's answer to the magnificent crescents that were being built in London and Bath. Unfortunately, the crescent is now a traffic nightmare.

This little alleyway runs at the back of the right hand side of the citadel and is known as Citadel row, it used to be full of tiny little shops, but is now owned by the council, who used some of it as offices for a while.

The large black and white building on this photograph stretches all the way back down Citadel Row. It is not a tudor or mock tudor building as most people think but it is an example of an arts and crafts style building. It belongs to the council and used to be let out as shops and offices, but after the floods of 2005 which flooded the police station at the other end of town, the police use this building as a police station until their new one is ready.
Another posting I will show you some more of the historic parts of my nearest town, and at a later date I will also show you photographs of my nearest local market town. Hope you have enjoyed seeing the above photos showing small slices of local history.

Sunday, February 18, 2007


A photograph I took of my Great Grandparents house, they lived here when the 1901 census was taken.

Friday, was the end of an era for me. The last bags and cartons were taken out of my Mother's old flat. My son brought them in a van to the cottage where my husband stacked them all over the barn and the house so I can sort through them in peace. Anyone want to cook meals in a kitchen with a large Scandanavian Birch Wardrobe in the middle? [It will be moved upstairs shortly]. I stayed at the flat to hoover the carpets and check all cupboards etc. My son will go up today and get rid of the zillions bags of rubbish and that's that. So Friday, was the last time I would be at the flat, and probably, I will have no reason to be visiting that area of the town again.

In only eighteen years there has been a lot of drama, happiness and sadness enacted in that flat. No wonder buildings seem to hold residues of happenings. Will someone see one night shadowy glimmers of my father moving from room to room, or even the rest of us, I sometimes think that these residues are not always of people who have died. Maybe we all leave a sort of image on surroundings like an old negative of a photograph

My Mother standing at the front door of my Grandparents 1920 Semi. This photograph would be about 1950

So, how did I leave for the final time, as I leave everywhere for the last time, not with a long lingering look backwards through a car window, but resolutely facing forward, the building already locked in my head as a memory. The way my life has been, thinking of the houses I have lived in, there are only two that I have ever passed by again. They were both on the way to my mother's old flat, so now no reason to see them again. When my mother was in respite care before Christmas, the bus went through an area I lived most of my childhood in, and I had never been that close to my old house for 34 years. With being on a bus I began feeling disorientated as I approached what would have been my old bus stop, would find myself trying to stand up to get off the bus. How deeply ingrained in my psyche must that stop have been. I nver gave in to the temptation to view my old house.

I have some friends who were my next door neighbours years ago, and at one point they just moved house to the other end of the road. I remember thinking how very strange having to pass your old house everyday and see what people were doing to it.

The two old houses of my own that I passed on the way to my mum's old flat were the one I was born in and lived the first two years of my life. It is a house that features a lot in my dreams. We moved out when my parents managed to get a new house of their own. Houses were in very short supply after the baby boom of post war years, and there was a huge building programme started and it took time for houses to be completed for people to live in. Even after moving I was constantly visiting that house of my grandparents. It has always been my favourite house. I feel sad when I used to pass it by, it was a beauiful semi-detached house built to a high standard after World War One, and my grandfather was the proud purchaser of it, it had front, side and rear gardens and I loved it. The people that bought it in 1973 covered the front in the most unappealing plastic faux stone cladding that quite spoilt the art deco look of the house. I cringe and feel sad when I pass it.

Me, in the vegetable garden of my Grandparent's Semi, see what I mean about unusually large gardens.

The other house I pass is one we lived in with the children, now this one doesn't bother me at all, I never liked it, it was what I called a rebound house. We came up from Manchester and the house we were buying fell through and had to search quickly for an alternative , we found the rebound house. I thought we might be able to do things with it, but more and more flaws became apparent in it. I hardly turn to look at it as I pass it. Now not returning to that area, I won't be passing them again. Another house I lived in as a teenager no longer exists, it was demolished to make way for an out of town retail park.

The houses that feature most in my dreams are my grandparent's house, and my brand new house of early childhood, plus a house I have never been inside in reality, my great grandparents house. I have seen the outside it was a substantial semi-detached Edwardian Villa, with an enormously long front garden and drive and a garden, kitchen garden, greenhouses and a paddock behind. I often dream about wandering round this house, and my mother tells me that I have got the layout completely correct, isn't that a strange thing?

My other Great Grandparents substantial Edwardian semi-detached villa. Just look at that fantaastic garden. The window that is open is apparently the drawing room.

The cottage I live in now, I remember over the years going on the road through the village on the way to Newcastle and thinking this looks like a nice place to live, never dreaming we would end up here. There are another two houses I have dreamt of quite a few times but I have no idea where there are or what they are. I think one of them is something to do with one of my children, it is a large flat in a city and we find these hidden rooms above it with some beautiful furniture stored in. The other house I just know the inside of and that many renovations are being done in it.

I never forget houses I have lived in or even enjoyed renting for holidays, I store them safely in my mind. How does anyone else feel about houses they have lived in and the leaving of houses where events in their life occurred?

Remember, a couple of postings ago when I wrote about these rather odd overalls children were put out to play in in the early 1950's well here are my friend and I modelling them. You know which is me, yes the one with the closed eyes, of course.

I have not been able to find photographs of some of my houses, one or two I know I don't have any of, but somewhere in this pile of bags I am sorting are many more photographs of my other houses. I will post them when I find them. All the time I am sorting I am finding weird and wonderful photographs, which bit by bit I will post.

Just to close, take a look above that's a very slim me in 1978 with my son, then 10 weeks old sitting on my knee. I have forgotten how dark my hair was, that's actually its natural colour when I was younger. It wasn't often that colour though. It is big curly perm for big hair time, obviously!!!!

This photograph was taken with one of those Kodak disc cameras, anyone remember them? Your negatives came back on a circular wheel. I have noticed that the colour quality of the photographs taken with this camera have deteriorated quite badly, they have all gone this strange pinkish hue.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I have been involved in this email game which is absolutely fascinating me, it is very simple, but oh so interesting. You ask all your friends to reply to just you with one word that sums you up, then they can tag the rest of their contacts to do the same to them. These are the replies that came back about me, quirky, wisdom, confident, found, wonderful, calming, wise, writer, natural, flowerfairy, thorough, wisdom[again], story teller supreme, spiritual and my very favourite, at the end of my list of contacts I added on my daughter, Sweetpea, as I knew she would like to do this with her friends and her reply was BEST, I did feel a little gulp in my throat.

I tagged myself to do this meme off Maryellen, who now has a special site for memes , and this was one I haven't done before. Sometimes these memes are a good way of evaluating yourself and your feelings.

Meme about 2006

1. What did you do in 2006 that you have never done before?
Started my blogging life, of course.

2. Did anyone close to you give birth?

3. Did anyone close to you die?
Yes my little cat Pixie, on Midsummers Eve

4. What countries did you visit?
None, stayed in England this year

5. What would you like to have in 2007 that you lacked in 2006?
A piano

6. What dates from 2006 will remain etched upon your memory and why?
Midsummer's Eve [see above]

7. Did you suffer illness or injury?

8. Whose behaviour merited celebration?
Lots of people did lots of lovely things which I appreciated and would not like to pick anyone out, except maybe my children, who are always there when we need them

9. Whose behaviour appalled and depressed you?
Our so called leader Blair and his cohort Bush -get out of Iraq now, it is a mess, too many people are being killed and for gods sake don't even consider going into Iran.

10. Where did most of your money go?
On living in a quiet rural way, with little treats of art materials, books, plants for the garden and small quirky items, oh and the occasional bottle of good wine

11. What did you get really excited about?
My new blog, and meeting so many people from around the world some of whom are now becoming firm friends of mine, explaining all this to my real world friends who don't blog and trying to make them understand how it is possible to build up a friendship in cyberland

12. Compared to this time last year, are you, a) happier or b) sadder?
Happier, as I strive for contentment and no longer storm out tackling any cause that I hear of. I now quietly try to do my bit to save the Earth and Mother Nature. Quiet and stealth can be as effective as marching and chanting

13. What was your favourite TV show in 2006?
I don't watch much TV at all, but there was one programme Lost, and now I am lost it has gone to Sky channels only

14. What was the best book you read in 2006?
I honestly don't think I can choose, I read so many good books last year, maybe I should choose a classic, Precious Bane by Mary Webb, was a wonderful evocative book of an English countryside and lifestyle now lost. The descriptions of nature were awe inspiring

15. Is there someone or something you missed this past year?
Cornwall, we didn't get there last year

16. What did you do on your birthday and how old were you?
I was fifty five and I blogged about my simple day pottering about a nearby market town, a lovely evening meal and wine. It was an unseasonably warm and sunny day for November and the countryside was at its late autumn best. It was the last sunny day of autumn and it rained after that nearly everyday until Christmas

17. What kept you sane?

18. Make up a question you want to answer here: Did you do anything that surprised you?
Yes, I started up a Local History Group and got funding for it too

19. If you could do one thing this year and not get chastised by anyone for doing it, what would you do?
No one chastises me, I am an adult with a mind of my own, not a child to be told go stand in the corner for some wrongdoing

20. If you could meet one blogger in 2007, who would you want to meet?
This is very hard, but I think among many I would have to say Robyn as it was from reading and lurking around her blog that I took my courage in both hands and began my own. She was the first blog I commented on and I was very nervous. Though I really would love to meet any of my blogging friends

That was quite interesting to do and has also made me look back on last year and think about happenings, achievements and hopes I had for this year. I have another meme here that I got from Janet's blog, I'll finish off with this one and then go and say hello to the people who's blogs I haven't been back to yet.

If you could build a house anywhere, where would it be?
Everyone must know the answer to this by now. In Cornwall on top of a hill with a stunning view of the sea from all the front windows. It is detached and surrounded by beautiful countryside, isolated, not seen from the road, perhaps hidden by trees and not too far from Penzance. It also has an amazing garden with a camomile lawn and room at the back for hens, goats and ducks and doves, not to mention the cats and a dog for my husband

What is your favourite item of clothing?
I love long swirly summer dresses faded cottons or cheesecloth that the breeze ripples worn with a battered straw hat to keep the sun off my head

Favourite physical feature of the opposite sex?
Hands are very important and of course eyes, they tell all, they are the windows of the soul

What is the last CD you bought?
Norah Jones new album

Where is your favourite place to be?
Apart from Cornwall, [see above] in my cottage, any room or the garden, I love different rooms at different times of day and depending on what activity I am doing

Where is your least favourite place to be?
Anywhere where I am dealing with officialdom and paper pushers

Where is your favourite place to be massaged?
Keep away from my feet I can'at stand them being touched. Shoulders and the back of my neck are where my tension usually is and where I need the massage

Strong in mind or body?
Strong in mind I would think, I am a terrible wimp about lifting heavy things, I could years ago but it goes for my shoulders and knees now

What time do you wake up in the morning?
Winter about eight in the morning, maybe even half eight if it is a dark grey day. Summer usually at seven or even before that if the sun is shining

What is your favourite kitchen appliance?
My electric kettle and toaster for a quick breakfast, you know exactly what you can get done while one is toasting and the other boiling

What makes you really angry?
Having been dealing with my mother's move it has to be, at the moment, officialdom who are sloppy with their admin and can't give you the answers to the questions you are asking without putting you to talk to about three different people and then they give you incorrect information and you start all over again. Its not that hard to be efficient

If you could play an instrument what would it be?
I can play piano

Favourite colour?

Which do you prefer sports car or suv?
Not at all bothered, not interested in cars at all just want to get from a to b and back

Do you believe in an afterlife?

Favourite childrens book?
The Secret Garden but many others too

What is your favourite season?
Late Spring when the leaves have that crumpled fresh look and are that really zingy green almost lime green at times

Your least favourite household chore?
Cleaning bathrooms

Ifyou could have one super power what would it be?

If you have a tattoo what is it?
I haven't but I wish I had the courage to have one, my daughter has two, a celtic design on the middle of her lower back and a tiny butterfly on her shoulder

Can you juggle?
I constantly juggle in life

The one person from your past that you wish you could go back and talk to?
My great great grandfather, who was a bandsmaster in the army and went all over the world and was involved in the mutiney in India and in one of the seiges

Whats your favourite day?
Any day, but A favourite day is to be woken by the sun and the birds singing after sleeping with the full moon on my pillow

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Yes, its me, I really am back after 11days and 12 hours of nail biting, hair tearing, misery, cut off from all my cyber friends, wondering what is happening out there. What happened? Well that's the strangest thing no one, not one techie or computer geek can tell me. I switched on my computer and had a message from Windows saying it could not open as it was protecting my files! At first I thought it was a repetition of last year, when it closed itself down as the fan was over heating, so I took it to my techie who thought the same. I was to return the next day and take the computer home, ready to use again. Phone call the next day, it was not the fan, the darned computer just wanted to protect my files! Eventually even my techie, who tried everything was totally baffled, he said he had never seen anything like it. So the hardrive had to be sent away and put in another computer to be mended then returned and the boards put in my computer. So back home it came to me today and here I am, hopefully, for a long time before anything else befalls it.

Strangely enough just before it crashed I had been reading that Mercury goes back into retrograde on 14th February, and you know what that means, yes computer, headaches, media headaches and various communication problems. As this time it is in retrograde with both Acquarius and Pisces, apparently the effects will be felt many days earlier, and guess who hit the first day right on the head, yes poor old me, so I warn you be extra careful and don't mention the 'R' word and prepare yourselves.

Well, what's been happening out there in cyberland, come on everyone get in touch with me and get me up to date on happenings. Things I must mention before I forget are, and I will post photos at a later stage, the following. Thank you Janet for the lovely ATC card that turned up in the post one morning, Maryellen for the two beautiful pieces of artwork she sent me, the sassy postcard from Violette, the wonderful spirit dolly from Robyn, who kept me calm in my computerless days and the wonderful socks and beautiful crocheted slippers from Tammy, they certainly keep my tootsies warm.

My Mother has moved into her sheltered accommodation and is already settling down there well, the neighbours are friendly and once she has recovered from the stress of the move I think she will be happy there, she already loves her flat. We go to take the final pieces out of her old flat and return the keys this weekend and then I shall slowly sort out my house, perhaps start some early Spring cleaning and sort out my new pieces of furniture etc. My days until now have been filled with sorting, packing, unpacking etc but now I shall enjoy going through all the old family belongings I have found. I have have got lots of interesting family records and old photographs that I cannot wait to go through at a leisurely pace, as I am now keeper of the family history and records.

One thing is that I have got lots of projects sorted out in my head and ready to do and am now pushing forward with things kept in abeyance such as Daisy Lupin Designs and the Virtual Art Gallery some of you know about. All I can say is watch this space for news over the next couple of weeks.

This is just a short posting to say here I am back, as I want to go round all my favourite blogs and catch up with a over a week's worth of posting, I will get round to you all bit by bit. Oh I am just so glad to be back.